Halstone Mobile & Technology proudly supports The Peter Pan Centre for Children with Special Needs


On the 12th April, 2 members of our company went to visit the Peter Pan Centre for Special needs Children to surprise the children with some Easter eggs as part of the Easter celebration.

The Peter Pan centre are there to create a caring and friendly atmosphere for many children and their parents. Their children have a wide range of conditions and syndromes such as cerebral palsy, Down’s Syndrome, autistic spectrum disorder, visual and hearing impairments, physical delays and speech and language delays – which may or may not have been officially diagnosed.

Upon visiting the centre, we met some inspirational children and outstanding staff and were given the opportunity to explore the children’s environment. It was great to hear stories about the children and how much they had progressed in their development with the help of the Peter Pan Centre.

The care and support given to the children is truly inspirational and for us to help in the way we did today has been such a pleasure.


“It was such a pleasure to meet with some of the team from Halstone Mobile and Technology today, and such a wonderful opportunity for us as a children’s charity to work with such a reputable local business. We are very excited to see what the future holds for our partnership, and we certainly have started on a fantastic note with a donation of some lovely Easter Eggs for our inspirational Children.”  – Christina Hunter



Want to learn more about The Peter Pan Centre for Children with Special Needs, follow these links.

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